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Space Hulk: Deathwing Trailer

Here’s a short but sweet look at Space Hulk: Deathwing ¬†hrrm…gameplay?, in-engine footage? Hard to say really but it is quite nice, especially if you’re a Space Hulk fan and desperately cling to the hope of a decent game.


Incidentally I shall also use this post to mention I’m taking a break from doing this for a while. I’ve been posting stuff here for a few years now and to be honest, I’m lacking the motivation to keep doing it at the moment. Hard to say why really, I’ve been up/down/all over the place with the way I’m feeling and think perhaps I just need to get some enthusiasm back rather than force myself to keep going…. this was supposed to be for fun after all.

If you’ve been following this site or even just reading now, so-long and thanks! o/

This awesome video kicks off a roll out of new content for the Free to Play and forever excellent Team Fortress 2. It’s all about love and war see….and er…yeah that means dancing and doing weird emotes with other players, probably just before you explode into lots of little pieces because you forgot to shoot first. Mostly though, it’s just 15mins of really cool animation with all the TF2 characters and a funny love story. So even if you don’t play TF2, just watch it and offer me a bucket o’ chicken later.

E3 2014 Day 3 Pawz Picks

Third day of the show, here’s my bestest bits.


HomeFront 2 – I confess I haven’t played Homefront yet, having said that, this does look interesting.


Civilization: Beyond Earth – Looking good, I loved Civ V so this is definitely on my radar for the future. Liking the idea you get to pick your colonists before starting.


Elite: Dangerous – Everything I see about this reinforces that quality feel to it. The sound design is especially notable.


Project Cars: This largely community made racing game continues to look impressive. Check out that air time!


No Man’s Sky – We saw this last year at E3, the concept of an endless procedural universe that generates a new experience for each individual user, starting on their own persistent planet with unique wildlife is pretty epic. The news that it will launch first on PS4 for an undetermined amount of time is less impressive….PC gamers care not for your petty console exclusive wars.


Alien Isolation – Could this actually be a decent Aliens game? Hmm….still can’t tell.


Third day over,  final day tomorrow, all videos above are randomly sourced from different sites where possible. Enjoy!

E3 2014 Day 2 Pawz Picks

First day of the floor show, here’s my favorite picks for the day.


The Crew – This video shows a seamless drive from coast to coast across the whole of the games abstract US road system. I’m hopeful for this, loved seeing all the customization options for the cars last year, just need a bit more evidence of actual gameplay at this point…maybe tomorrow.


World of Speed – If the Crew doesn’t deliver, this looks quite interesting, They’re also accepting beta registration here.


Sims 4 – Latest iteration of the life simulator, liked the building tools in past games but still struggling to really be interested in the social sim aspect of the gameplay. Could this be the one to crack it?


Dragon Age: Inquisition – Some decent gameplay footage here, really highlights the dragon battles and I particularly liked the way you engage with elements of the dragon rather than simply trying to drop a hitbar. My advice, break it’s wings first, having it fly away would be annoying, gimmie dem phat lewts!


Dreadnought – Not much to go on yet, some sort of command based strategy game I think, although they mention dogfighting so unsure. Still haven’t worked out why space ships that size would bother entering the worlds sky, when they could just bombard everything from orbit or send smaller transport ships down. Am I over thinking it? probably…


Farcry 4 – A gameplay walk through here, shows some nice improvements from Farcry 3 and some beautiful terrain. Pretty excited to play this one, Farcry 3 was a major game for me and I really loved the freedom and exploration/experimentation opportunities it gave me when playing.


That’s it for my picks for the second day, hope you enjoyed something there, will be back tomorrow with some more stuff from day three!

E3 2014 Day 1 Pawz Picks

E3 has come again, during the first day it’s mostly presentations by the big guys, they’re long winded and full of self clapping or meaningless drivel but in between all that, occasionally they like to show off some games. Here’s my favorite game picks from those presentations, your opinions may vary of course.


Batman Arkham Knight – and his Batmobile, looks ok, particuarly like Scarecrow at the end. Amusing to see Batman getting the ok to use all those guns on his car, because the other vehicles are unmanned. I was moaning about that last week. Still scooting about Gotham will be fun, anybody else find the slidey skiddyness of the batmobile just looked wrong when it was in combat though? Seemed way too slippy for a road vehicle with mechanical traction.


GTA V – Finally announced for PC coming this Autumn……it’s about time.


FarCry 4 – I quite liked how horrible this was, although it did leave the question of who you are and what relationship you have to the big evil psycho who was welcoming you.


Assassins Creed Unity – The French Revolution never looked so good, very pretty four player coop demo, really felt the life of the city with those crowds and buildings. Pretty horrible ending though….I felt that was a little too graphic, seemed for shock value more than narrative to me.


The Division – Love the atmosphere in this game, very bleak but intriguing world. The gameplay looks interesting too.


The Witcher 3 – Hunting a Gryphon down in this very pretty open world look at the upcoming threequel and final entry in the series.


Valliant Hearts – A moving and poignant look at an interesting adventure game set during the first world war.


As always these are just a selection of personal favorites, I’ll highlight others over the next few days. The videos come from other gaming news sites and have tried to vary the sources when possible. That’s all for day one from me, hope to see some more exciting stuff tomorrow!

24th February 2015 is the day The Witcher 3 will be making people cry with it’s awesomeness (hopefully!).