Ok so here goes attempt number two….the first write-up was eaten by the internet. After seeing how long this ended up I decided to divide it up into 5 parts so its not quite such a monster…below is my opening. Just follow the links at the bottom of each part to see the next!

 I saw today that Mark Jacobs former CEO of Mythic/EAMythic has resurfaced about a year after he left EA.  This writeup isn’t specifically about this man or what part he took in WARs development and decisions. I don’t believe any one person is responsible for the good or bad in any game, however since he was the leading figure it seemed appropriate to try writing my thoughts on WAR again since I did spend about 3-4 years of my life following the game from its very first announcement to its development, the closed testing I was fortunate enough to take part in and for the 8 months or so after launch that I played the game as a subscriber. I also followed the original Warhammer Online beforehand being developed by Climax…but lets not drag that into it. 

As you may have noted from my about page, I live in the UK and growing up Warhammer and Warhammer 40k the two biggest game systems in Games Workshops arsenal of tabletop titles were a big part of my life. So I like many fans of the IP have spent many a day dreaming about what computer games, movies etc could be made about such a rich and expansive universe so without further rambling here are my thoughts on the game. 

Oh in case anybody cares I played a Goblin Shaman,  Orc Choppa,  Dwarf Ironbreaker, Dwarf Engineer,  Dark Elf Sorceress,  Chaos Chosen, Dark Elf Witch Elf  & Empire Warrior Priest. I also played the other careers but not past tier 2 after launch. I played all of the classes and species during the 18 months of closed beta. 

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