This is the continuation of the Bad from my thoughts on Warhammer Age of Reckoning.

The Bad Cont’d

PvE I actually think what PvE the game launched with was pretty decent, however they quickly gave up on it as their PvE player base started to dwindle. This is because without a decent chat system or a lfg system players couldn’t team up for Public Quests or Dungeons and often I found myself shouting out to silence for groups to do this content. Public quests eventually became more solo friendly but at launch they were pretty much heavy grind group affairs and if you didn’t have a group you could waste hours of your life just grinding solo stage 1 over and over. When they released their content expansion “Land of the Dead” they had the poor design choice of putting the new PvE content INSIDE the RvR zones, so basically they wanted PvE players to provide content for their PvP player base. So not only could you not PvP if your faction population wasn’t competitive but now you couldn’t even get to the PvE content without being killed off in PvP. After that they added insult to injury by claiming they would focus on their RvR game, of course you will…thats because you just spent the last 8 months driving your PvE players away from your game! 

Tier 4 RvR, this was the real problem for many players. Once you made it to Tier 4 you unlocked your chance to get the best gear in the game from city sieges, you had no cap on your Renown Rank save the game cap itself, you got your most powerful abilities and you got to siege enemy cities. The problem first came with the fact by tier 4 crowd control and aoe was getting out of hand, being killed from mass area effect nukes through floors and around corners was not fun, being crowd controlled constantly was not fun, being outnumbered was always a problem but after being outnumbered for so long your enemies now had superior equipment and abilities with increased Renown gains so the battle was always uphill if you didn’t find yourself on the high population faction. 

The city siege mechanics were originally designed to take a long time, this allowed players time to react to the siege in between offline life and all that entails. This didn’t really work because it took so long it was easy to prevent even if you were outnumbered. Somehow that changed and suddenly cities were getting sieged daily and it was happening so much it became mundane and trivial. The major issue was that all this none instanced content such as RvR sieges, City Sieges etc were not originally the games plan, you were supposed to fight smaller battles but Fan pressure made them change to larger scale conflicts, this would have been fine if the game engine could support such large scale conflicts but it couldn’t and as a result servers would grind to a halt and suffer crashes and major lag whenever sieges took place in tier 4 because there was no other tier to move on to this problem was always going to get worse as more and more lower tier players filtered into tier 4. 

RvR lakes were limited in size because they had to fit within the center of two PvE zones across a matched pair of species pairing zones. This concept is fine except because they were so full of terrain there was very little mobility within the RvR zones and players often found there was nowhere they could move that wouldn’t funnel them directly into the jaws of their enemy/scouts who would descend on them if they were outnumbered or be descended upon if it was the other way around. There wasn’t enough room for a surprise attack or flanking manoeuvre in most of the zones and there certainly wasn’t enough room to move 24 players together without being spotted. Thus might is right, smaller groups of RvR could only do RvR if they were not contested, as soon as the big horde of enemies turned up your only choice was to retreat and find somewhere else to fight where the horde wasn’t currently playing. 

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