The 5th and Final Part of my thoughts on Warhammer Age of Reckoning

The Goblin 

You may have noticed if you managed to read this far that I played on the european servers and that I was always outnumbered, of course your experience might have been the opposite, maybe you were on the US servers, maybe you were on a server where your population dominated or maybe there was a server that seemed to be balanced. I can’t talk about your experience unfortunately I can only base my thoughts on what I witnessed. 

 I think WAR isn’t a bad game now and it wasn’t a bad game at launch, I think its biggest crime was expecting too many players possibly believing a little too much in its own hype. comparatively I think it’s probably one of the best High Fantasy MMO’s you can play today along with WoW, EQ2 and LOTRO but it could have been so much better. As always its easy to be wise after the event and its even easier to criticise decisions from the outside looking in without seeing the full picture but because of many of the problems above, my experience of the game was damaged maybe the new race coming soon will spark my interest again, I always wanted to play Skaven afterall hmm… 

 Also, the game now offers an Endless First Tier Trial which is actually pretty cool considering the first tier was (during my time at least) some of the best RvR content available. Check it out here

Oh right….don’t forget the Goblin! 

"Wot iz it gitface?"