This is Part 2 of my thoughts on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Good 

So the good things, many people like to bitch and whine about computer games and make out they are completely without merit especially convenient to prove their argument. WAR has many good aspects not least of which is that visually it is Warhammer, the character models, world, animations and humour are all spot on. Watching an Orc swing his choppa around or a Dwarf brace himself behind his shield just work. Also the audio work is impressive, The Greenskins, Dwarfs (not Scottish!) and Chaos voices are particularly inspired and if I had a hat I would take it off to the people who recorded them. 

The Tome of Knowledge was quite frankly, gold. A digital book that records all your discoveries, kills, quests, equipment sets, titles, lore and any secrets you discover of which there are many. This feature alone was probably for me its finest moment, I spent a lot of time trying to get all the city clickies and tome entries and tracking PQ progress and finding hidden secrets and easter eggs to earn titles or trophies were a lot of fun. 

Faction Cities, unfortunately only two of the 6 planned cities made it into the game however the two they did put in were wonderful and full of life and content as both PvE cities and RvR siege cities. I spent many hours just doing the quests and running about exploring both of them, see those books in the Altdorf Library? I made the suggestion to have some clicky books as a quest in there….ok I might not be solely responsible but I definitely made that suggestion before it was added. 

RvR Tiers 1,2 & 3 the early tiers of RvR were great, I’m not a big PvP player but even I have to admit defending or assaulting keeps was a lot of fun and in the early tiers with crowd control, aoe and over powered armour/Renown Rank bonuses out of the picture the combat was far more exciting. 

Trophies, this was a good idea and because of that I put it in the “good” category, unfortunately for all its value many of the trophies were too small, too graphically poor or simply badly positioned. Still there were some great ones aswell and thanks to the wonders of the internet and helpful players eventually we could all research which trophies were worth purchasing without credits and which were worth skipping. 

The Collectors Edition Box, yes I bought this and yes it was pretty expensive at around £70 but I honestly don’t feel ripped off, the box itself was about the size of a small pc tower and inside two hard backed gloss art books, limited edition Ork Warboss and Goblin metal figures for tabletop gaming, Game disc and Collectors Edition codes for in-game bonuses which I used on several of my characters and a mousepad (ok the mousepad was pretty cheap and nasty, funnily enough the mousepad was GOA not Mythic, more on GOA later). 

Game Promotion, love him or hate him if you pay attention to game shows and interviews you have probably heard of Paul Barnett and through him Warhammer Online. I eagerly looked forward to his phone videos each newsletter to see what secret in development stuff could be gleaned and the general fun and games they would have around the offices during development and events. The man sold the game with his enthusiasm and you can’t argue with that.  Also the CGI from Blur for the original trailer and the final release trailer both of which were fantastic work deserve a mention. 

Beta communication & Feedback from the Dev Team, yes..they did a good job, the combat system was changed because of beta tester feedback, the number of abilities were also changed because of beta tester feedback, the open world RvR keeps were added because of beta tester feedback and countless other changes were made because the testers asked for them. Mythic devs spent a lot of time responding to our issues and suggestions and anybody who says otherwise is just plain wrong. 

See Part 3 for the Bad