So I thought I would throw out some game sites for upcoming PC releases of games I’m interested in….

Space Marine

From Relic famous for its quality rts games comes a game based on the Warhammer 40,000 Universe by Games Workshop. If you know what Gears of War is then its similar in scope, a 3rd person action shooter only they don’t use a cover system because no self-respecting Space Marine would be caught cowering behind cover while alien scum still lives beyond it! originally only planned for console release they recently announced they were developing it for the PC to be released at the same time…oooh you’re a kidder Relic *pinches cheek*

The Witcher 2

Sequel to one of the best rpg’s around in my humble opinion, the Witcher 2 picks up where the first game ended, there’s sure to be more potions for every occasion, monster slaying with various strategically important swords and no doubt another fine selection of women just waiting for the silver haired stud to charm into bed. I loved the original for its morally grey choices and long reaching decisions that didn’t immediately show up after you made them. Hopefully the sequel will continue to capture a world of racism and hatred between the humans, dwarfs and elves in this uniquely dark and gritty world.

Dead State

A Survival zombie rpg game where you have to carve out a life after a zombie apocalypse. Made by ex devs from various rpg studios such as Obsidian, Troika and Arcanum from yesteryear. It promises to be a uniquely intriguing mix of  Zombie X-com.

Portal 2

Can Valve make a bad game? lets hope this one doesn’t break the mould anyway! Portal 2 the sequel to the out of nowhere smash hit original included with the “Orange Box” Valve deal as an extra, will provide more of everything I loved about the original including the humour, physics based/portal puzzles and exploration.  The real question though is will there really be cake this time?