The Secret World

A mysterious mmo with cryptic and spooky around every mazelike corner seems pretty intriguing. If you visit their homepage (click above) you can signup for beta by taking their faction questionnaire to see which faction you most belong in. I’m divided on how I feel about Funcom the developer of this and its past mmo Age of Conan, I beta tested Age of Conan (AoC) and was initially impressed with the starter experience, voice over and general gameplay but I quickly discovered past the starter experience the game lacked pretty much everything except grinding kills to make levels and I really do mean kills, they didn’t even put enough quests in the mid level game to level up with.

Of course that was at launch, its been going for a while now and had an expansion so some people obviously enjoy it and Funcom must have worked hard to fix the issues players had with it.  I wanted to like it because I think there need to be more mmo’s with an adult theme (less teen restrictions on language used, content theme and nudity). However I want to support a good adult mmo and at launch I just didn’t feel AoC was good enough, Secret World though might just pull it off, we’ll have to wait and see.

FYI I’m a Dragon….although Illuminati hold some interest being primarily hedonistic