So I just saw this movie (yeah, yeah I know, its old news) I didn’t really know what it was about.  All I can say is that I loved every crazy stupid moment, somehow it manages to walk the line between realistic and outrageous which works well. Its pretty violent so not a kids movie even though it’s primarily kids taking the starring roles. I loved watching that little purple haired girl known as “Hit Girl” (Chloe Moretz), she was fantastic and pretty much stole the show for me, the story is about a college kid (Aaron Johnson), who decides one day to become a super hero and calls himself  “Kick Ass”. What follows is a good representation of why they don’t exist as he gets beaten, stabbed, beaten some more, almost burned alive and then finally, well…I’ll leave that for you to see on your own.  😉

Nicholas Cage also stars in this movie (minus the long hair thankfully!), but he takes more of a back seat role to his daughter and the main character, although he does play his part well as the father of Hit Girl. If you fancy something a bit different and like your movies crazy and ridiculous wrapped up in awesome then Kick Ass won’t disappoint.