Lego Universe the upcoming mmo from Net Devil and Lego is looking interesting. Pax has just happened (Penny Arcade Expo) and during the show some new screenshots and footage were released which reminded me how close to launch this game is (October 26th). Unfortunately they never invited me to beta test it which is clearly a major flaw in their development but I’ll forgive them….for now….*evil glare*

I have to admit to recently having a dabble with Lego builder,  a free downloadable program that allows you to digitally build Lego stuff .  It reminds me of my younger years when I had a Lego Castle one christmas. Also when I was even younger and had all my brothers old Lego bricks and attempted building a helicopter but ran out of  “two’s”  *shakes fist at the lego gods for not giving me enough*  Fortunately, being digital that concern will never be a problem.

It also reminds me of this I saw a couple of weeks ago which is so true.

Anyway, take a look if you like mmos!