Final Liberation!

An old old old pc game, turn based combat with customisable army composition and a campaign across a map. Screenshots here or you can probably find more if you use your search engine. I remember the first time I played this game (bought it when new in box form), I loved it, these days turn based strategy games are mostly relegated to sim management games or some Japanese rpg’s but I love me some turn based action ever since Battle Isle. Obviously being a bit of a Warhammer 40K fan I was destined to love it but if you can get past its dated graphics and clicky click gameplay it has some really great unit balance and a huge variety of units for single player and multiplayer which unfortunately I never got to try vs anything but the ai  (before I discovered the wonders of a 56k modem!).  Even today I still enjoy playing it although it does remind me of a time when 40k units where crazy bright, the IP has since taken on a more gritty, war torn hammer and anvil approach to its vehicle design but there are still plenty of colours its just most people usually tone them down with dirt and other effects.

Incidently this game featured live action footage of people acting out WH40K storylines via cut scenes, you can find many of them on Youtube and they are worth a look if you’re a bit nerdy like me. Unfortunately the cut scenes don’t work with my PC so I have to disable them but I remember most of the good ones and as I said, can always watch them on Youtube if ya want.

Every so often I end up playing an old game, its surprising how often playing an old game you have played before brings back long thought forgotten strategies, tactics and quest objective locations or secrets you once had to learn. I dunno maybe its just my head full of junk but I still remember things like that when playing games I haven’t even seen for 10+ years. Takes a bit of grey matter and a decent search engine to find old games and troubleshoot getting them to work on todays super speedy computers but if you can do it I fully recommend it for insight into a different era of games when people couldn’t all just vent their hate on internet forums and had to buy computer magazines with cover discs to even hear about new games…either that or you went into a store and bought games on box art alone…*shudder*

Just a short note to mention Lord of The Rings Online goes free to play today, so if you like middle earth or like mmos…or just like free stuff check it out!