Hobbit Burglar, Pie wrangler and mail delivery expert.

So finally Turbine gave me access to their “free” game….because I was a beta tester many years ago and I had a DDO subscription I wanted to use the same account for the now free to play Lotro, unfortunately their free to play signup system didn’t cater for existing account holders who didn’t have a current or lapsed subscription which was a bit odd…anyway a support ticket and 4 days later (over the weekend) I got a “free” key to enter and unlock the game, so that’s what I’ve been playing!

So I set about making my hobbitses and decided I would go with a burglar, I have dabbled with the “rogue” in other games such as DDO and kinda rogue like as a Feral Druid in Wow but never full on dual wielding sneaky sneaky, stabby stabby so it seemed like something worth trying as one of the tiny folk. Character creation is fairly standard affair, although you get to choose your background family so certain options change based on this, for example I went with a hobbit from the Stoors house and so I couldn’t have green eyes and my skin tone choices were defaulted to darker.

I have to be honest and say visually, the lotro character models are not that exciting, they remind me of DDO characters and thinking back to the beta I thought the same then too, especially the elves which may even have been copied directly from DDO assets. Some of my hobbit hairstyles were definitely available in DDO. For a game that looks as beautiful as lotor can (don’t look at my screens as a reference I’m running on med/low detail for performance) the character models are not matching up to the world they are in.

Having said that they do have some neat gameplay features such as the minstrel song composition, various unlockable traits and titles much like WARs tome of knowledge although this pre dates that and appearance slots which allow you to customise your look and equipment colours while actually using whatever stat items you want without being forced into the “clown outfit” of older games.  Anyway I have been running about the shire…LOTS of running, I can’t emphasis how much running, for a short legged species they can really spread themselves out geographically when it comes to completing quests.

I took up fishing, haven’t done too much of that yet but fishing is always nice and calming even digitally. I once tried the real thing when I was younger (ewww maggots). I also spent some time being the shires chief mail delivery person carrying mail too and fro, avoiding those pesky nosey hobbits that would rummage through my mail bag forcing me to go back to the start again.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat..well…maybe not.

Then I was tasked with delivering some pies, much like the mail bags there were very hungry hobbitses that wanted to steal my pie while I was delivering it and I had to use all my cunning to avoid such fat hobbits. As a reward for delivery I ended up getting a fine pie all to myself, this one was an especially nice pie that was so nice even those hungry fat hobbits couldn’t bring themselves to steal it from me!

Check out my fine pie!

I havn’t spent any turbine points yet but I am gradually accumulating a few as I earn titles and unlock virtues (sort of passive talents).  I can see already the 2 gold cap for free players is going to be a major hurdle considering I’m already at 1.7gold and I haven’t left the shire yet. There is a rather annoying bug that sometimes once you are running about with both mouse buttons held down if you only release one like I do so I still have control of the camera you keep on running which is a bit of a pain when sneaking up behind npcs or indeed avoiding running off cliffs etc, I asked in game and apparently its been a bug for a long time so disappointing to still see it now, when they had so much time to fix it, however I shall continue on my journey and see what new adventures await me, although I think the pie pretty much peaked my achievement for the day!