Like the title? see what I did there? no? it’s like the old saying “egg on face” see now? yeah ok, shut up.

Anyway, GOG (Good Old Gaming) is a site run by CD Projekt the fine folks who made the Witcher, they have been ticking over selling old pc games from yesteryear for a small fee claiming they are all DRM free and downloadable directly from their site. I assume they must do some of their own coding for the games because they are designed to work on all modern systems which many of the originals will not without some hoop jumping.

Right well a few days ago the guys running the site took the entire site down without warning, all that remained was a blank page with the message “we can’t let the site go on as it is” which many people got quite upset about thinking that meant they were closing down, well it turns out it was all a publicity stunt. See for the past year they have had a “beta” sign stuck on their banner at the homepage ever since the site first launched and it would seem that is what they were referring to when they claimed they “could not let the site go on as it is”

Well they have had to issue an apology as it turns out their little stunt may have done some damage to their customers good will who were pretty unhappy they lost access to the games they had already paid for and didn’t get chance to download and backup without warning.

My first thought is…what a really bad marketing idea. You just upset your customers to announce your site is leaving beta. However even among the stupidly bad thinking it seems to have caused enough of a stir to generate a fair amount of free publicity proving the point there is no such thing as bad press. No matter which gaming site you go to if you look through the comments you will find people occasionally saying “what is” and those right there are potential new customers learning about the site.

So like it or not, it seems the stunt worked. It does pose the question though how many times can you cry wolf before people don’t care anymore.