So I saw today the late Michael Jackson is getting an mmo known as Planet Michael…… let’s just hope for their sake there are plenty of Michael Jackson fans out there just itching to “dance” their way to victory.  When I showed this to someone they said it might just be a contender for APB’s current crown.

Fallout: New Vegas, is looking to be my next game purchase being the fourth in a long line of post apocalyptic rpg games the former reviving the franchise with Fallout 3 which in my opinion did enough right to be better than the originals despite just missing the mark with some of the dialogue. It’s due for release within the next month and I’ll be getting my grubby paws on it and I may not surface for some time.

I also downloaded the demo on Steam for Civ 5 today,  I’m not usually big on Civ games but every so often I’ll give one a go and actually it seems pretty good to me. Check it out at Steam(download demo link to the right).