Ardwulf’s Lair is reporting on the final official reveal of “World of Darkness” a new mmo by CCP creators of EvE Online and partnered with White Wolf, those clever folk who do the Vampire rpg pen and paper games.

It seems the game will be a Political based Vampire rpg based on the “Vampire Masquerade” world created by White Wolf. Which sounds pretty good to me, CCP have a good track record with their politically charged corporate space mmo EvE.

Also I am a huge fan of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, the  first person rpg game made by the now defunct Troika a development studio that was seriously underappreciated. The game was pushed out the door at about 90% done and unfortunately that meant the ending felt a bit rushed but Fans still update the game with new patches and content and even without the fan made patches the original game is worth checking out because there is a great selection of Vampire classes and characters to explore. It’s also probably the easiest way to experience what World of Darkness might be about. It’s set in a seedy underworld as Vampire movies often are these days with plenty of dark themes and blood sucking to go around.  I did read that White Wolf killed off this world in the pen and paper games they make ending the story line with “Gehenna” a kind of Vampire Apocalypse but I’m glad they are bringing it back for the mmo at least because I felt it had a lot of video game potential.

Definitely one to watch for the future!