You ever see that in your  game from somebody or on your favourite gaming forum?    

I sure do, all the time, when someone asks if you can reduce down all the game mechanics, weapon choice, class diversification or skill list to a single formula and then tell them the answer. Years of game development and attention to choice so you can all have it taken away by some random stranger who just repeats whatever he saw other people say. They might be asking about a future selection or even a choice they have to make right then and there, they might even have all the information in front of them with two weapons in their possession but they need someone to tell them which one is better for them. Think about this for a momment, why would you really trust some random strangers on the internet to tell you what is best for you?

I admit on occasion such questions can pose true dilemmas, if you’re a tank do you go for mitigation or avoidance, reduced crit chance or increased block chance and so on, sometimes its ok to get advice and feedback from more experienced players but try and moderate this with some thoughts of your own because opinions are like bum holes, everyone has one regardless.  However the vast majority of the time people just want to have the responsibility of choice taken away from them and that goes against all the effort put into making that choice in the first place. They want to ignore everything about being an individual in a game and just go with whatever everyone winning is using. It’s how the term “cookie cutter” was coined and often used quite wrongly by mouth breathers who have read it before and want to throw it in to their argument because it sounds derogatory.

Sometimes I lose it and ask them if they have to ask their parents what to wear every morning, because for me it amounts to the same thing most of the time. A lack of interest or willingness to just engage brain function and decide what YOU like or prefer. So what if everyone is running around with dual wield, maybe that’s because nobody bothered to try out a 2hander with your class and spec choice, maybe the last patch completely reversed the situation and the advice you are getting on which abilities are worth spamming is totally out dated and the people telling you are no more up on the situation then you are.

Maybe if you CHOOSE not to look like everyone else, play the game exactly like everyone else,  maybe..just maybe you’ll discover the answer to a question future people will reply with based on your own experimentation, maybe you’ll discover how to squeeze out that extra bit of dps from a build nobody else is using, maybe you’ll be the new hotness in your Pink and Green outfit that sets the trend for all players in the future. You never get to be that special if you’re always following in the wake of others, you’ll never beat the people working these formulas out by copying them because by the time you get their information they already improved on it.

Make a choice, play YOUR game and stop asking people to tell you what to think…..or you’ll end up a mouth breather too.