If you aren’t watching these cgi animated episodes it could be because like me you don’t live in the US….however there are places you can download them or stream them via websites and if you can figure out how to do that then I recommend you start now! A new one is released every week on a Friday in the US and usually downloadable by the next day if you know where to look.

It’s due to start in the UK this month on Sky but I’ve been sneakily watching the downloaded versions from the US and have to say the latest series is darker, I know dark is the new thing in films and tv but I think that’s because as the Matrix shows, humans need suffering and misery and if you make your world too goody goody it just won’t be as engaging.

Anyway series three of the Clone Wars has hit upon the notion that they really need to start showing more death and as a result it starts to bring balance back to the notion that the Jedi are actually not having it all their own way and make their struggle a bit more believable. After all there’s only so many times you can watch the Jedi come out on top despite the odds before you question where the “struggle” is in the war.

**Spoiler Below**

The first double episode showed a particularly touching moment when a defective clone who had been relegated to “Janitor” tried to help the rest of his clone brothers during the defence of their home world and was shot down.  It’s that kind of extra oomph that’s been missing from the first two series and really does make these new episodes more interesting because you become more emotionally involved.

**End Spoiler**

A friend also mentioned the third series are episodes made up from the missing scenes of the previous two series continuing on from past stories although they are entirely watchable alone if you have seen the first two series you might be able to link some of the episodes to past stories.