I saw Jonah Hex today,  I have to confess I knew nothing about the history of the character from DC Comics  so any major fans might disagree with me on this but I actually liked it.  It’s a Western come super hero kinda movie although the “super” is more supernatural in this case. The actor playing Jonah is a sort of Anti Hero and  Josh Brolin seems to pull it off well, I’ve been impressed by some of his previous work, namely “No country for old men” as he always seems to take a good part.

John Malkovich plays the villain and arch nemesis to Jonah, Quentin Turnbull, forcing him to watch as his wife and son burn to death right in front of him before branding him with a hot iron to scar his face, claiming every time Jonah sees the brand he will remember what Turnbull did to him.  Later on you see Jonah burning the mark disfiguring his face even further but presumably removing the brand at least. Malkovich always plays a good villain and he should do given how much practice he’s had in past movies!

Finally a word on Jonah’s love interest and sidekick Lilah played by the controversial Megan Fox of Transformers fame, I talked to some guys about the movie and her role in it and they didn’t seem to have much nice to say about her acting ability but to be honest I think maybe they were being overly harsh. Megan seemed to play a decent role in this movie and was believable to me. Regardless of how she behaves in real life I think she’s a better actress then people give her credit for.

So if you like your action movies and don’t mind a bit of comic book flair check it out!