Well after buying Civilisation V upon release I was stuck with a game that crashed during the loading cinematic. Quite a strange situation considering the demo client ran fine you would think playing the full game would work just as well. Anyway I uninstalled it and waited a few weeks, low and behold a few patches later reinstalling the game again suddenly everything is fine.

So at once I set about dominating the world…my chosen nation was Japan..something about Samurai just made me go for them and they also get the Zero ww2 fighter plane which isn’t too shabby either. My nearest neighbours were a city state on a tiny island shaped like a cross only one tile wide surrounded by impassable water……for 120 turns I desperately tried to conquer this one other city because I had virtually no room to expand and since I could only attack with a maximum of one unit at a time for 120 turns I failed more and more fantastically, finally surrounding the city with about 5 trireme boats bombarding it I realised I was no longer doing damage and that the city couldn’t be captured by boats…. quickly I deleted that game and started again like it never happened *rawr*

I am now kicking ass and taking names….*cough*  honorably of course, I managed to conqueror England within 60 turns primarily because her first communique with me was to call me a barbarian. I then swiftly met America, Russia and various other city states. I felt being Japan I really should go the conqueror route and so haven’t been too diplomatic with my neighbours so far however I can see America taking a right hammering losing 3 of it’s 5 cities to Russia in the last 15 turns or so unyet bizarrely even if I offer to help the US they refuse. So I ended up taking a provocative role and conquering some territory nearby to Russia to try and give them a reason to fight me instead of the US…I really don’t want to be stuck on the whole continent with me vs Russia, there has to be a third race to keep the conflict interesting.

If you quite like strategy games and don’t mind the turn based nature of the game I reccomend it as a game that will suck up hours of your life as you decide “just one more turn” over and over.