So I saw this just now, apparently some Minecraft fans…yes thats right people who LIKE the game, have attacked the games servers with a “Denial of Service” or (Ddos attack). I’m no expert but I believe that means they got a bunch of people to collectively stress their servers with some kind of malicious software intended to flood the host servers with too much data such as repeated mass log in attempts. Anyway the result was that anybody playing Minecraft at the time would have suffered from tremendous lag on their server or possibly unable to log in at all because the servers were crashing.

The protest seems to be because the developer (four people working from home) hasn’t updated its “Alpha” game often enough for their liking. So let’s get this straight….people bought an unfinished game (which is perfectly playable indefinitely in its current state already) made by fewer people than you can get in a phone booth (for about a third the cost of a typical game) and they feel somehow cheated that this unfinished game isn’t being updated like a triple A budget professional game which is usually being made by a team of 40-140 people set up in their own building with publishers and marketing departments whose development budget probably costs 100 times what has been spent making Minecraft so far.

Guys….can you not see how counterproductive that is? all you do is cost the developer money on protecting the game from you, it doesn’t incentivize them to give you content faster than they can make it because A) you already paid and B) part of their development budget that could have been spent on hiring more staff or simply keeping the current developers in their homes with their lights on has been spent reacting to your attack. You are literally making it harder for the developer to give you what you want.  It’s not even a question of getting it before your subscription runs out…there is no subscription its a one time payment and then you will, guaranteed get all future updates, content and fixes made available.

I just can’t get over how childish some people can be. We really are in a generation of spoiled immature people who have forgotten what patience or even a real need for anything is. There are people out in the world starving to death, homeless and suffering and some idiot sat on their fat ass with an overblown sense of self-importance can’t think of anything better to do with their existence then to protest about someone more talented and more succesful than them not giving them what they want right now…ooh I get so mad!