Well it seems “Free to Play” is the new way to make money these days, following in Turbines Footsteps of their largely successful conversions of D&D Online Unlimited and Lord of The Rings Online from subscription only to free access both Sony Online Entertainment and Cryptic are dipping their toes into the pool with Free to Play versions of Champions Online and Pirates of the burning sea.

It makes me wonder with so many full budget massive multiplayer games changing to free to play how upcoming subscription model games will compete really. There was a time when subscription games simply had a bigger budget of development and therefore that made them worth the subscription but when the free games are also spending $40-100million aswell the line between the two becomes far less obvious.

I still believe a subscription based game is a better investment if you want to play long-term because I think if you’re running a business it’s more helpful to have a regular income then one that can fluctuate based on one off payment micro transactions especially when you have the same monthly outgoing of server and staff costs. However clearly my belief is somewhat out of touch because both D&D Online and Lord of the Rings are getting new content so perhaps merely the suggestion of free makes people want to spend money?!