It’s that time of year again…where ugly people can go out and pretend to be in costume. Also you get to buy games cheap which are Halloween related from places like Steam which is awesome! I’m still playing through Fallout: New Vegas and still enjoying it thoroughly, I also read that the makers of indie success Minecraft have sold over 500,000 copies of their game now which has allowed it’s creator to set up his own studio to begin working on more updates for Minecraft and some other games so it will be interesting to see what he can do with a bit more resources.

Sadly cuts and staff reductions continue in the industry and this time it’s i o interactive that is forced to lay off some of its staff,  so close to Christmas this is particularly difficult but it also puts into question the future of the Hitman franchise which they are responsible for.

 It’s been a while since a Hitman game came out seemingly the popular franchise had been put on hold while the team worked on Kane & Lynch, neither that game or its sequel seemed to get great reviews so I do wonder why they seemed to stop making Hitman games for a while given they also had a Hitman movie released a few years ago and all the hitman games are well liked by the fans, including me.

Some rumours suggest Rocksteady, those fine folks who made Batman: Arkham Asylum and currently working on its much-anticipated sequel might be taking over the Hitman franchise, if they can do a similar job with that as they did with Arkham Asylum it will be in good hands.

Right I’m off to terrorise the children!