For those of you who like your mmo’s a little different to high fantasy this might be worth a look.  Gods & Heroes is having a stress test this weekend and we are all invited to sign up for the beta with the possibility of being invited for the test. Gods & Heroes was originally in development by Perpetual Entertainment a few years back but unfortunately was put on the back burner when Perpetual first got into trouble, they started focusing on their Star Trek IP but sadly were never able to finish that project before their company had to close. Cryptic ended up acquiring the Star Trek license and that s the Star Trek online game they now run. 

Gods & Heroes largely remained off radar for several years but recently a company called Heat Wave interactive have acquired the game and seem to be moving full steam ahead to getting it out of the gloom and into production. It’s a game based on earth mythology in combination with Greek and Roman style characters so expect to be fighting monsters like Medusa and Minotaurs, the concept stands out as an mmo for me because they plan on allowing players to control not one character as in other mmo’s but rather a group of characters which you can equip and fight with. There are pet classes in other games of course but if Heat Wave can pull it off they might have something interesting and different enough to be worth keeping an eye on.