There have been rumours that the recently launched, recently shutdown APB,  was being bought by various companies including Epic Games and Codemasters but every time a rumour popped up it seemed to fizzle out just as quickly.  Last week however a new rumour popped up that a game company called GamerFirst had bought APB for the bargain sum of  $1.5million pretty cheap considering the cost to develop an mmo these days and probably nowhere near what was spent making it by its now dissolved creator Realtime Worlds. However the good news (if there is good news after being laid off) is that all the previous employees who were owed money from the bankrupt developer should now get paid their due, hopefully in time to make christmas a little less of a struggle for those folks.

Gamerfirst has opened up a signup page for the Newsletter of their reimagining of the game they are changing to a free to play model which should be launching sometime in the first half of 2011 under the title APB Reloaded.  Don’t recall ever playing any games that GamerFirst have produced so far so I can’t say much about them but if you were sad to see APB close or even if you were curious about trying it but never got the chance this can only be a good thing.