Seems it’s the right time of the year to look at your development schedule and mention to your investors that you need some more time. Valve the Portal 2 developers have just announced they will be taking an extra 2 months to polish up Portal 2 releasing week beginning 18th of April 2011 and last week those fine Polish folks at CD Projekt Red announced they where delaying The Witcher 2 until May 11th 2011.  While it’s never a good feeling to know that game you were anticipating is going to make you wait longer for it the alternative of getting that game you were anticipating and feeling gutted it feels so buggy and broken is a far more dissapointing experience.

Bioware is muttering under its breath about some new game franchise they plan on revealing in December, the latest rumour suggests it may be some kind of spin off from the Mass Effect Universe and based on the teaser image they have been chucking around shown above I’d say that seems likely.  Speaking of delays I am also expecting SWTOR to get a delay before release next year, I’ve yet to ever see an mmo give out a release deadline without ever having it slip,  Bioware  may be getting the budget of a small country to make the Star Wars mmo but they are also unproven in the mmo genre as a team so I would be very surprised indeed if they managed to hit their release target while more seasoned teams are forced to delay.

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