I saw this last night,  having watched the trailer for the upcoming “Battle LA” I was up for another Sci Fi alien invasion movie so I went into the cinema fully prepared to enjoy this….didn’t happen.

Visually it’s not bad, the “blue stuff” that is the theme of these aliens including the glowy bits has a nice aesthetic appeal to it but cgi technology is getting pretty good as commonplace so unless you’re on a strict budget (in which case spend the money on the story and the actors instead) having good looking special effects isn’t a selling point these days in my opinion.

I’m debating how much detail to go into talking about this as I don’t want to spoil it if you do plan on seeing it but I also feel I should explain why I wasn’t impressed. I guess the best way to explain it would be to highlight partly why I have no real interest in watching Eragon or The Golden Compass a second time, both movies failed to finish their stories within the length of the movie.  Always an epicly foolish marketing scheme when you don’t know if the first movie will be popular enough to secure the funding for the required sequel. 

I can’t recommend watching this at all, there are better movies to spend your money on, the best parts of this movie can be seen in the traiers and that really is about as much character development as the entire movie contains anyway.


***Spoilers below don’t read if you are allergic to this kind of information**

The characters in this movie are all forgettable, apparently some people know the leading male actor from something but I’ve never heard of him or seen him before so he didn’t make much of an impact from his role in this.  I just couldn’t find anything redeeming in the characters to care that they keep dying, the writing for their dialogue isn’t enough to tell a story about any of them for long enough so you end up just wondering who’s going to die next, since how they die is mostly pretty dull even if you are the kind of person that get some enjoyment out of  the various inventive ways people die in movies you will be underwhelmed. So in a nutshell “random unknown people you don’t care about die one after the other until it’s over” about sums it up.

The storyline is also a bit weak, the entire movie takes place in or on this one apartment tower block and the protagonists spend their short lives freaking out over whats happening outside the windows while for some reason developing this very strange strategy that aliens capable of descending to earth, hypnotizing all humans into walking into the light and then being vacuumed up into the mother ships like dust in a vacuum cleaner are incapable of crossing the shoreline of America and thus if they get to a boat and sail out to sea everything will be ok….queue more dying as they discover actually the budget for this movie doesn’t allow for them to include such endeavours.

So instead we are forced to watch them die off while trapped in this apartment building. Occasionally watching the news on tv or looking out the window at the invasion happening around them. Sometimes aliens scour the tower block for stray humans…apparently quite often because they keep doing a bad job of it. All that technology and they couldn’t invent any kind of ground force small enough to enter the building so they are forced to hover or climb all over the outsides of the tower looking in and picking people up like King Kong looking for his lost mate.

On paper the tension of such a situation sounds ok but it just doesn’t work in this movie. The ending is no more rewarding because as I said earlier they are hoping to milk the story for a second movie so they leave it with a cliff hanger ending which only leaves questions which I didn’t really feel that desperate to know the answers to and the feeling I just paid full price for a cinema ticket to watch half a movie I don’t care about.

There are really only two moments when the movie has some redeeming qualities and they are both special effects driven, the sucking up humans revelation is a good creepy moment and the attack on the mothership by UAV aircraft is a bit of fun although you just know even when the mothership appears destroyed it isn’t, just like earlier in the movie where the floaty squid alien gets crushed by a car and appears dead then suddenly gets up and apparently repairs its dead brain with a captured human the sense of “we are never going to die fear us we are all invincible see? oohh… look how scary we are and feel despair just doesn’t work. It makes no sense that something “destroyed” can repair itself without external assistance….if it can repair itself it clearly isn’t broken, why does it need a replacement human brain to operate when it can apparently operate itself just fine to surgically remove that brain from a live struggling human already?  dumb.

Anyway I’m done spoiling it now, time to move on and try to rationalise why I spent money on it rather than going to see the new Harry Potter Movie.