Relic have released some new Info on the Eldar Heroes to feature in the Retribution Eldar Campaign from their upcoming expansion. Included are the traditional multiplayer heroes the Farseer and Warlock but they also show a “Pathfinder” hero which is similar to the Space Marine Scout Leader Cyrus with his stealthy/sniper gameplay mechanics no doubt also featuring.

Also shown is a Winged Eldar visually similar to what I used to recognise as an Eldar Swooping Hawk Exarch but possibly called an Autarch these days, based on the characters multiplayer role, she seems to fit a similar role to Thaddeus the Space Marine hero with the jump pack where he could jump about the map with his squad landing and disrupting his enemies while launching into melee.

It’s nice to see some of the other races from WH40K getting some love, Space Marines are the obvious leader in popularity but the tabletop has so many army choices that to ignore them for a third campaign would have been disappointing.  So far it has been revealed there will be Ork, Eldar and Tyranid single player campaigns but no mention if Chaos, the last expansions primary addition or indeed the regular Space Marine protagonist will also feature as playable in single player. Every army is getting a new unit for multiplayer again though so there should at least  be something for everyone’s favourite.

(Oh also,  my house is being invaded over the next two weeks so I may be a little less active here. So if you’re one of those 3 people who actually reads my site I’m afraid you won’t be seeing as many updates here for a bit….I know…how will you survive?)