Managed to steal a few moments to access my pc in between being bombarded with screams and questions from  a 4 year old…seriously. Just long enough to mention this is awesome and that Pirates of the Burning Sea an mmo from Flying Labs and SOE went Free to Play over the last few days and I can recommend it as a jolly good ship combat game as I played it during its beta test and was quite impressed. Unfortunately it was a choice between POTBS and WAR as I only subscribe to one mmo at a time and being a lover of all things Games Workshop (except the prices) Pirates of the Burning Sea couldn’t convince me to buy it back then. Now I’ve sated my WAR enthusiasm and moved on however I shall be reserving some time to try this out once my life is my own again…….now theres a beta test that never should have gone gold, too many bugs, what were the QA people thinking?!