There was an interview with Vigil Games recently featuring Dark Millenium Online (DMO) courtesy of PC Gamer.  Discussing the games design principles and some small smattering of detail on how they intend to go about creating the world of Warhammer 40K within an mmo.

Of particular interest was the mention of them focusing more on combat without using action bars, it seems they intend to rely more on the mouse in some way as they seem to suggest you won’t just be hitting 1,2,3,4,5 etc on the keyboard over and over as you commonly do in other mmos. I’m struggling with the concept of how you make an action orientated game with primarily mouse combat while at the same time as they state in the interview not making a “twitch” game, but I’m sure they will do a grand job…at least I hope!

They also mention how space marine customisation will be restricted in some ways because of the IP although they also confirm a similar system to what WAR already does with “trophies” you can stick on various strategic points of your armour to customise it. I have read in a previous article that “The Black Templars” will the chosen Space Marine Chapter for the game one of many possibilities with each chapter having its own colour scheme and emblem and some more developed chapters having more unique looks it remains to be seen if all space marine players will be required to wear the same Black and White Power armour that is traditional of the Black Templars Space Marines.

I was talking to someone about this game during E3 earlier this year, when they released the first trailer and somebody mentioned how it would be difficult to include shooting guns within the scope of the game alongside melee combat, I found this quite a strange point to bring up given I always assumed it was essentially the same mechanic pretty much every existing mmo deals with already, just because you’re firing a bolter or other 40K based gun doesn’t mean you can’t balance it vs melee combat just like how say for example you balance a Mage vs a Knight or an Archer vs a Fighter the mechanics should be the same….ranged can engage sooner but once close enough melee becomes dominant usually requiring ranged to use some form of crowd control or rely on superior damage output to kill your opponent before you become vulnerable to melee.

The rest of the article also mentions vehicle combat featuring in both PvE and PvP which will be refreshing then there’s a bit about why other mmos don’t do things right which I have to say I don’t appreciate reading. This is a game I really want to love playing but I’d rather a game proves its good by being fun to play rather than have the designers get involved in a slanging match about why other games are poor because history is full of designers claiming other games don’t do what they do well and most of the time they are full of shit that just makes the whole situation embarrassing.