Well my house is my own again after our family members have returned home, just putting the spare bedding away and digging out random Cheerios and Coco Pops from bits of furniture while staring in wonder at creative uses a 4 yr old can find for just about any electrical or sharply pointed object. In short…everyone is still alive and that weekend trip to the out of hours surgery had nothing to do with me and you can’t prove a thing!

While I was away I see several new little bits of info I quite liked slipped out so I’ll try to cover those now just in case you were under a rock or something.

Elder Scrolls V has been “teased” with this trailer suggesting something about a Dragon and the main character being some kind of prophesied dragon killer…..I see a plot in there somewhere, you can’t fool me. Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV) was an epic game with fantastic depth and variety of content I played through several times, the archery was particularly fun but I did find some of the rules of the rpg mechanics a little frustrating such as how you had to repeat magic an awful lot to be any good with it to the point where every attempt to make a magic based caster class resulted in me giving up half way through as my levels scaled beyond my damage output to deal with the number or challenge of enemies I was facing. As a stealth archer or melee fighter though the problem was more one of monster scaling meaning as you leveled so did everyone else so eventually every enemy was wearing the rarest and best equipment which never seemed to fit right for the common road bandit to be wearing Glass or Ebony armour. Anyway despite its few flaws it was a great game and with all the mods people have made by now well worth playing if you missed it.

Also Relic released some more info on units to be included in the second expansion for Dawn of War 2: Retribution. Including a Tyranid Swarmlord which features lots of swords and presumably lots of tyranids hence the “swarm” bit. They also detail a new Orky tier 3 unit the Battle Wagon which will help those boyz get more choppy and shooty when required not to mention huge fun turning on the big “deff rolla” at the front for when you absolutely have to make mush out of whatever squishy stuff happens to be in your way.

Meanwhile apparently if you are Australian and are sick and tired of being treated like games are only supposed to be for children there was some hope of the Aus Government finally deciding to certificate some games with a new 18+ rating. Unfortunately as with anything remotely good, people in government can’t just agree on the idea and it seems to have been delayed…Hopefuly those guys with their corky hats and cheerful disposition at having very fine beaches and BBQ weather all year round will get a break soon….next stop,  decent internet eh?

Finally….some fool thinks Singe Player Games are dead…that’s all I have to say on that.