Relic have released the next in the series of campaign heroes to be featured in the multi faction second expansion to the Dawn of War 2 game. This time featuring some of the characters from the first expansion “Chaos Rising” alongside a new hero aswell for the Space Marines.

Diomedes the Captain from Chaos Rising who was tricked into supporting the Traitor Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens now leads his team to hunt down Chaos traitors and redeem his lost honour. The familiar Scout leader Cyrus returns which I assume means fan favourite voice over artist “Steve Blum” will return to voice the character. Also featured is the Techmarine Martellus which would have been the default “traitor” in Chaos Rising expansion if you tried to go the good route through the campaign. Finally a new hero emerges known only as the “Ancient” a Battle Standard Bearer of the chapter, a veteran given the honour and respect of carrying the chapters colours into battle…which makes me wonder if we will see the return of some backpack banners that were left out of Chaos Rising it seemed.

Also Featured is the new Tier 3 Unit for Space Marines in Multiplayer the old favourite from Dawn of War 1, the Land Raider only this time its a Land Raider variant which seems to be fitted with flamer turrets instead of the traditional laser cannons. It still takes on the role of tank transport but with DoW2 reinforcement mechanics it also serves as a mobile reinforcement point which will no doubt prove very useful in games.

Have to say every new expansion to Dawn of War 1 & 2 has been great so far but I get a bit tired of the same chapter of Space Marines being featured. I get that the Blood Ravens are Relics own invented Chapter Games Workshop helped to flesh out but there are a 1000 Space Marine Chapters and occasionally it would be nice to just see some different colours in the single player campaign. In Winter Assault, the first expansion to Dawn of War they featured Ultramarines in a couple of Imperial Guard missions and it was refreshing just by virtue of being different.

Now we have seen Orks, Eldar, Tyranids and Space Marines. That seems to leave Chaos as the remaining existing faction to be revealed and one other faction to be included in the expansion…possibly Inquisition forces. It’s impressive to think Relic are making a campaign for all 6 factions and suggesting it will have as many missions as Chaos Rising featured for Space Marines alone. I only hope the missions don’t turn out to be too generic so that the faction you play with feels irrelevant to the storyline.