Relic have released new info on how you can pre-order the upcoming second expansion to Dawn of War 2 titled “Retribution”. Included in the release are details of “race” packs which I don’t really appreciate but there ya go. You can order one of the race packs and get some overpowered over marketed wargear for just a single race or you can be the cash cow and buy the collectors edition getting all the race packs together. Certain races are exclusive, Orks to Steam and Tyranids to THQ for example. If you choose to buy a single race pack it seems at a later date you can opt to buy the other race packs via steam.

More interesting to me is the confirmation of the 6th race to be added to the expansion, the Imperial Guard which before now had not be revealed. Which also explains why the new campaign seems to change the gameplay slightly to focus less on hero units and more like a traditional rts….races like imperial guard and tyranids don’t rely to heavily on characters because they are “swarm” like races in the lore that overwhelm with sheer numbers.

Its worth pointing out the “race packs” appear to be for single player only but I still don’t like having games divided into separate themes which singles out the people who don’t pay the premium for all of it, I feel it’s a cheap marketing gimmick that divides up its customers who really should all be getting the same game single player or otherwise. Buying advantages with real money in any game regardless is not right and an exceptionally poor way to design a game because those advantages are either unnecessary or they benefit the player to the point that not having them disadvantages you. Either way, my respect for Relic just took a significant dive.