Have noticed a couple of interesting indie games due out this month and felt you might like to have a nosey.

First up is Gemini Rue, a point and click adventure game which takes me back to the days of Blade Runner and Beneath A Steel Sky the premise is that you play through the adventure from two alternate view points, an ex-assassin and an amnesia called Delta Six. As the story progresses no doubt their two adventures cross paths and fate intervenes in some way. It has received some respectable praise winning last years independent game festival and looking at the screenshots and video clips appears to have a nice retro feel to it. For those of you who like a good story or simply a change of pace I suggest you keep an eye on it.

Alternatively you might find this top down take on trying to overcome a zombie apocalypse more to your liking. Atom Zombie Smasher is being released by Blendo Games, a fine indie developer that also made Flotilla a particularly nice little space strategy adventure game for furries. You should be able to nuke those brain eaters from the skies at the end of January!