So I read about this browser mmo on Massively,  Code Of Everland is intended to be an educational road safety game to teach younger children how to cross the road…snoozefest right? yeah well turns out its pretty well made and actually not bad to play either. It’s also free to play so give it a try and see what you think. I’m not sure I totally buy into the idea that it will teach children to cross the road but I admit it does relate to the “look left, look right, look left, look right then cross” mentality I was always taught when a child.

Apparently it cost £2.8million to produce and while it plays better than some games that want you to spend money I really don’t think its money that needed spending. I didn’t learn to cross the road by playing a video game, I learned from my parents teaching me and a road safety campaign in the school I attended and I doubt a video game will ever replace the need for both of those methods. Still, if it teaches somebodies children then I suppose it’s a good thing, although some uk residents may take issue with it being funded by tax payers.