Been a few more updates regarding Relics latest Expansion for Dawn of War 2 titled Retribution. First up is a Chaos Campaign heroes reveal featuring an old adversary ‘Eliphas- The Inheritor’. Also in the lineup is the more traditional chaos sorcerer ‘Neroth’, an aspiring champion named ‘Kain’ and a plague marine champion named ‘Varius’. Their roles don’t appear to vary too much from the standard four concepts and the models are familiar from the first expansion albeit with a few added details here and there.

Also a new unit for the chaos players has been revealed as the Noise Marine, an interesting unit that seems to play a unique role of disrupting enemies for your other units to quickly finish off. Once upgraded their weapons will feature a line knockdown ability while causing damage to further their lethal arsenal.  The models look very nice and the weapon effects are sexy so finally any Slaanesh fans out there can choose at least one unit in the chaos lineup that is devoted to the hedonistic god.

Finally worth mentioning is that Relic have announced Multiplayer beta testing to begin on  January 31st and run until February 24th 2011 with various stages inviting first press and no doubt the very best most active multiplayers followed later on in the month by pre-order customers and then anybody who has ever bought a Dawn of War game through steam. The purpose of the beta is to test the new Steam support since it has switched from past games being Windows Live (yay!)  and also of course to check the balance of the new multiplayer units and new Imperial Guard faction.