This is one of my pet hates for mmos, most of us use the /ignore function in online games at some point. It’s impossible to play online games without coming across someone who irritates, offends or wants to sell you gold. These people can be ignored so their messages are no longer able to be read in open channels and outright blocked from sending messages directly to the offended player doing the blocking.

This all sounds good in theory except of course, most mmos allow you multiple characters and nothing is stopping that person from making another character with a diferent name and sending you a new message to continue the argument, insult, advertisement etc if they are persistent. This is a problem I feel because if a person really wanted to they can forcibly continue verbally attacking you every few minutes by making a new character logging in and sending you a new message. If you ignore that character they just delete it and make another one.

So why does no mmo offer the opportunity to ignore all characters on an account? you might think sure if they persist you can just file a harassment petition but of course that is a reactionary measure after you have been repeatedly offended. An /ignore account function is a preventative measure which puts the control and defence of the players well-being back in the hands of the player being verbally assaulted in some way. Not to mention if you choose to ignore someone for being rude or offensive on one character its fair to say you don;t want to have to bother doing it over and over again for their alternate characters or yours for that matter. So how about /Ignoreacc  <insertnamehere>

It would seem a small thing to implement given whenever you are logged into a game server the server knows what account your character is linked to. However no developer ever seems to implement this…so here it is, I would like this in more games please.