It has been confirmed a Dragon Age 2 Demo is on its way, mark your calendars for Tuesday the 22nd of February. Apparently the Demo will feature a prologue with a choice of three different character classes and the opportunity to meet one of their potential romantic interest towards the end in Kirkwall. There will also be a reward code given to players who complete the demo unlocking a Dwarf made weapon for use in the full game which is a nice touch.

I’m keen to give this demo a try for a number of reasons, primarily to see if I can squeak by on my minimum system requirements (or just about!) but also to see how much Mass Effect, Bioware have shoehorned into a sequel that seems to have thrown out a lot of what made the first game so awesome. Namely,  no more racial choice its humans only (bit of a downer that one, considering most of my characters in Dragon Age were dwarf or elf).  Also conversations tied to the Mass Effect wheel which has always been I felt as much of a crutch as a unique way of choosing dialogue, because of the limited space to explain your responses I often found myself saying things I totally didn’t want to say in mass effect games which jarred with how I wanted to play my character.

Still I suppose we will have to learn to like the wheel for conversations, Bioware seem to be putting it in all their games including the Star Wars mmo still in production (which has been delayed until sometime later this year by the way). What troubles me is how quickly this sequel has appeared…Just over a year after the smash hit original which took a considerable time to make. It feels too soon to have produced a sequel worthy of the depth and replay value from the original and I just hope Bioware haven’t fluffed it.