Creative Assembly makers of all games subtitled “Total War”  have revealed the opening cinematic for Shogun 2 the next in a long line of very successful and hugely fun strategy based games. It’s only CGI so if you’re not a sucker for a good bit of cinema you might prefer to go look at the screenshots or gameplay videos instead.

I’ve been playing Total War games since Rome, I briefly remember trying the demo for the original shogun but struggled a bit with the camera and speed at which the battles took place once units engaged. However by the time Rome Total War came along they had added a few more user friendly camera options and a pause where you could still issue orders to your units which pretty much sold it to me ever since.

My favourite so far is probably a toss between Rome and Medieval 2. I played Empire Total War which was decent but I was a little disappointed with the ship combat so it never truly shined out for me. Skipped Napoleon simply because it looked and felt like it should have been an expansion rather than a full game but I could definitely get my Samurai on in the near future!