Just finished playing this old school 2d style demo of an indie adventure game “Gemini Rue” . It’s a point and click very much like pc adventure games of the early 90’s Monkey Island, Beneath a Steal Sky, Simon the sorcerer etc. If you are the kind of gamer that appreciates a good story and some decent atmosphere at the expense of a low budget but not low quality visual art style then you should be able to enjoy this no problem. When you run the demo the controls are pretty simple primarily mouse driven with a quick save function like most other games, although I never used it for the demo.

The demo is the start of a dual adventure, two characters begin on separate paths that will eventually see them cross somewhere down the road. The initial rain soaked beginning reminds me of the old blade runner point and click adventure I played a while back,  something about rain always seems to work on the atmosphere level for me and the music helps to sell the scene.  Anyway I think its pretty cool, therefore you should download it and give it a go. The whole demo probably won’t take you more than twenty minutes assuming you can figure out how to progress through the few challenges you face on your investigation and get used to the mouse interface.

My only gripe if I had to be picky is that the double left click function is a little brain dead, it repeats whatever action you used last, even if it seems obvious all you really want to do is the only thing you can do with a door. If you happen to have used speak previously it will tell you something about not being able to use your mouth on it.  A context sensitive double click that defaults to the most likely option might have been more useful.  Open an unlocked door, knock on a locked door etc and leave the more unlikely options for the player to manually choose if they so wish. Although I suppose some of the responses of old point and click adventures often left silly requests open for some comical responses from the avatar so maybe its worth the occasional annoyance.