The new trailer and screenshots for the 3rd installment in a much loved franchise is finally here and it looks pretty special. I have played both 1942, its expansions, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 and thought they were all great games. Although it seems odd that they also have Battlefield Play4Free in due to go live soon, basically a free to play version of battlefield 2 which is a slightly less pretty version of what Battlefield 3 promises to be.

Personally I always prefered the infantry and ground vehicle only maps. I liked flying the helicopters and planes but I was pretty rubbish at doing it in a competitive game and usually ended up staying on the ground and getting repeatedly slaughtered by air power. 

I always liked playing the realism mods for Battlefield 2 since I don’t really like how many bullets it takes to drop someone in most fps shooters I used to pick hardcore mode in call of duty multiplayer too for similar reasons. Hopefully they will have the shock paddles back again…I loved running around making my team mates not dead!