So Dawn of War 2: Retribution came out yesterday and I’ve been playing through the first of 6 campaigns in single player. I decided I would opt for one of the other armies first since Space Marines are typically the only available choice, It would be a nice change. Plus the opportunity to try running around with a bunch of greenskin heroes named Mr. Nailbrain, Spookums and Brikkfist with a Boss wearing a pirate hat was something I just couldn’t pass up!

I can’t tell you how much fun listening to the Greenskin Freebooter Ork Cap’n is! whoever does the writing and voice acting for the Orks in all the Dawn of War games gets what Warhammer 40k Orks are so well. Above is a screenshot of just some of the descriptions written about many loot items you can find in game and in the case of the orks they have gone that extra mile and written the tooltip descriptions as if it was being described by an ork….which is genuinely enjoyable to read.

They often cut right to the point about what the item does which even on a serious gameplay note is quite refreshing. I can only hope when it comes to designing the Orks in Dark Millenium Online (The Warhammer 40k mmo in development by Vigil Games) they do everything Orky…well, Orky.

I haven’t touched the other armies available to play through the campaign yet but I already know I’m a little sad that once the Ork campaign is over the other 5 armies will have less humourous names, loot and conversations. I’m not knocking the other armies at all I think they will be great in their own way but as the title of this post says…Orkz Iz Best!