Funcom have revealed some new information regarding their in development mmo titled Secret World, with three playable factions, Templars, Dragon and Illuminati. The game seems a mix of everything from zombies and dragons to machine guns and magic.  The general mystery and occult themes are intriguing to me and while I don’t know much about the game I do find myself drawn to find out more.

They are claiming the game will allow free form character development in a classless system, it’s a bold claim I don’t fully buy into at this early stage because I believe even when you remove the titles of  “Tank” “Healer” and “Damage” you still find players will more or less fulfill the same roles albeit subconsciously with minor differences in their skill trees or point allocations.  Making it all a psychological benefit rather than a true classless game.

However at least they are trying something different so its worth keeping an eye on….I personaly am drawn to the variety of zones shown which seem to cover all kinds of elements from zombies, monsters, fantasy, modern day etc its like a mish mash of everything you like about game themes all shoved into one place and as yet I don’t know how that works but it’s still a cool concept. You can download the GDC 2010 trailer directly here.