Relic have a neat little video of their voice cast in recording studios showing off the voice talent for all the cast of the latest expansion. It’s cool to see who played which parts and quite surprising how versatile some of them are and how easily they can switch from one character to another mid flow. Check it out!

Also of note many sites are reporting that makers of Runescape,  Jagex will be working with Hasbro to release a Transformers mmo in 2012. No other details are yet known about the game but if they can give me a character creator where I can design my own robot then pick what it transforms into I’m sold! 

Finally a quick mention for a sequel to a first person shooter that mixed the native american indian theme into a sci-fi invasion setting. Prey 2 has been confirmed to be in development by Human Head studios. The original was a great shooter which mixed a spirit world alternate shift in perspective along with some interesting weapons and the ability to flip the rooms in certain sections so you could walk on walls or ceilings and travel through portals. It should be due out in 2012.