IGN have a teaser up for the recently announced sequel to Prey, titled Prey 2 funnily enough…Its live action which is unusal for video game teasers and is actually pretty well done. There is a magazine cover kicking about of a guy dressed in black looking like he’s out of Splinter Cell or Call of Duty Black Ops too which suggests the original protagonist “Tommy” the Native American might not feature.

Also of note, Massively have news of  Zenimax, Publisher of Bethesda and id games (Fallout3/New Vegas/Doom 3/Rage/Elder Scrolls) has been reported as setting up a Customer Service department in Ireland for future mmo games. Considering there has been no announcements of any mmos from those developers yet its a tantalising prospect of what could be comming.

Finally Rocksteady have shown off a new trailer for their sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum (a truly great game). Featuring some old and new faces noteably Catwoman and Two Face with news that The Riddler may well play a bigger role this time.