After the recent disaster of an earthquake followed by a massive Tsunami on the east coast of Japan many game companies operating in the region among others have donated to various relief funds and appeals.  There are reports of Square Enix donating $1.2million and a huge donation of $6.2million from NC Soft said to be the total sum of one months worth of the company’s revenue.

Other donators include Nintendo, Namco Bandai, Sony, Konami, Sega, Tecmo aswell as companies like High Rez Games and Pop Cap offering to donate all proceeds from their discounted game sales to various charities associated with the relief effort.  (No doubt their employees and countless other companies I neglected to mention have also done their bit.)

While any donation however big or small is certainly very helpful I can’t help being staggered by NC Soft’s contribution and it also serves to put into perspective just how popular games are that even that sum of money is but a single months revenue for a single company, no small thing for a business that has to employ people and keep their games running, but still, its an indicator  of how far gaming has come from the basement developers of ye olden days.

The cynic in me is also reminded that with all the money gamers and their makers raise/donate for good causes before this terrible event and in the future, none of it will ever feature on Fox news as easily as the over sensationalized drivel of stories like GTA IV being a “murder simulator” or Bullet Storm being touted as “possibly turning players into rapists”.  With that in mind, I thought it was worth drawing attention to and of course an excuse to provide donation links.

If you haven’t yet donated to any of the relief efforts and you can spare the money, below are some sites that would appreciate it.

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund

Red Cross