The guys at Destructoid have put up some new details about the third person action game being developed by Relic titled Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine included is mention of playing an Ultramarines Captain Titus and fighting against Orks, Traitor Guardsmen, Chaos Space Marines, cultists and daemons. I’m looking forward to this game as Relic have done a fine job of capturing the Warhammer 40k world in their Dawn of War real time strategy series of games and have proved they “get” what its all about. It will also be the first 3rd person action game where you get to play as a space marine which if the site trailer is anything to go by, won’t disappoint!

Those awesome Valve chaps are continuing to show us they are by releasing another trailer for the upcoming must buy Portal 2 complete with Apeture Science Commercial for all new “panels” the planks of the future, offer the perfect tool for your test chamber needs.

Finally, Trion the guys behind the recently released and solid if not innovative mmo Rift, have started talking about their next project, Defiance. Which is a collaboration with the SyFy channel to launch a Science Fiction mmo sometime later this year to run alongside a new tv show the SyFy channel will be launching. The plan is to have each medium interact with the other via updates, content sharing and the like.

I’m skeptical about how closely the game will be able to follow the shows progress given how long content can take to get right for games and about what happens when the tv series finishes its first annual run while the game has to continue to be engaging while it waits for next years series 2 of the tv show.

Still, if Trion can continue to build solid, reliable game worlds and SyFy can make a show worth watching  it could be an interesting development.