Relic have announced they will be making skins available for the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter in Dawn of War 2 Multiplayer on the 6th of April, examples shown above. That’s the same day they are releasing 2 new achievements with wargear unlocks for every hero in the last stand multiplayer mode.

It’s a nice idea I think, although at $7.50 for a few skins only useable in multiplayer could well be pricing it a little high. This seems to be Relic testing the waters for what DLC people might be willing to buy for an rts game, personally I’m not that interested in multiplayer only dlc since I don’t play it much however if they released some other single player campaign content I would definitely buy it.

Have to admit, I was a little disappointed to see it was just skins, for a second there I thought it was either a new campaign or new faction for the game, ah well, it’s a start I guess.