Over the last couple of days I have been dusting off my copy of Half Life 2 and subsequent Episodes 1 & 2 to play through again. Well, they would be dusty if I wasn’t using all shiny and forever not dusty Steam to reinstall them from my digital library of games. Anyway, I was inspired wondering why we still haven’t heard any news about Episode 3 and that led me to go play through them all again.

They really are masterpieces of game design, I know they are getting on a bit by todays fps graphics standards but the facial animation and emotion they put into Alyx , Eli, Barney and gang really do outshine many current games that still struggle to make their human faces “human” when talking. I also discovered they added achievements to the original game and episode 1, something I missed since they didn’t exist back when I played them as new so I even managed to wander around doing some things I hadn’t done before which was a welcome surprise.

I’m just starting Episode 2 now and no doubt soon I’ll be at the end wishing Valve would hurry up and release episode 3 to finish off the current storyline. If you haven’t played them in a while, or even if you have never played them (what rock have you been under?!) you might want to give them another look. They are pretty cheap now and the quality of gameplay is still very engaging.