Mythos went into european open beta today, I’m afraid I don’t know if US region players have their own beta or if they can join this one but here’s the linky for the EU one.

It’s a casual style fantasy free to play game which can be played isometric or traditional mmo camera viewpoint. It borrows a fair bit of its appearance and mechanics from Frogsters other title Runes of Magic and it also has elements of Diablo or more recently Torchlight mixed in.

Gameplay is fairly standard affair, run about complete quests enter dungeons solo or grouped, collect loot, crafting materials and socketed items etc.  You can choose to play as a Gremlin, Cyclops (with three eyes…which is odd), human or Satyr which are a kind of goatman. Classes are Bloodletter which is the melee class, Pyromancer the mage class and Gadgeteer the… well, gadget class.

I went with Gadgeteer for my quick run to see what it was like, luv me some blunderbuss  shooting!