Aperture Science has this strange timer counting down here. Over the last few weeks Aperture Science the company behind the Portal gun and GlaDos have been releasing a selection of marketing videos about their saleable goods such as the most recent bouncy boots or Turrets and Bot Trust, Cave Johnson …what a guy! (J.K.Simmons).

Portal 2 might be released today for all pre-order customers so perhaps it’s that announcement or perhaps its something else. Those loveable Valve guys have a neat way of marketing their games and it always generates huge buzz. I can’t help hoping however that the Aperture Science timer is somehow related to the mysterious Ship ‘Borelais’ featuring the Aperture Science logo at the end of Half Life 2: Episode 2 somehow signifying finally….Episode 3 is on its way.

(Update: well…turns out it’s some kind of promotion for the potato sack indie game bundle they put portal 2 content in. You have to play each game and complete or unlock the levels so you can contribute your cpu power to the progress bars of each indie game. I suspect when enough cpu power is available they will release Portal 2 as that was the promise made by valve in relation to  playing all the portal levels in the indie games….kinda underwhelming if you don’t have the indie bundle but maybe an excuse to buy it if you really want to play Portal 2 sooner?)