Super Hero Squad Online has gone into an open beta state today, allowing everybody to sign up and play the game albeit in a slightly less polished state then when it officially releases.  

I’ve been playing the closed version for several weeks and it’s actually pretty good fun, each hero has some unique and interesting emotes or combat abilities you can unlock as you progress and the missions and social hubs are all engaging and worth playing. The mission combat is fairly simple which is to be expected for a game aimed to appeal to a younger audience but there is enough polish and quality in the gameplay to appeal to older gamers too.

The inclusion of hero progression and the amount of heroes you can acquire gives the game a decent amount of scope, it would be nice to have some more social hub areas to explore but compared to Clone Wars Adventures there is at least a reason to progress beyond wearing new outfits which adds to the incentive to actually want to spend money in the in-game store.

The housing part of the game was slightly weaker than the clone wars version with furniture placement being a little more clumsy and my heroes often having annoying tantrums and displacing or removing furniture from the rooms forcing me to reload the room layout or replace the items manually but I’m sure those niggles will be fixed soon. Overall this is well worth a look!